Q Fever vaccine for individuals

If you are concerned that you may be at risk of contracting Q Fever, call us to book an appointment for your screen and Q Fever vaccine now.

Q Fever is preventable through the use of Q Fever vaccine.

Q Fever Australia runs regular Q Fever screening and Q Fever vaccine programmes from our clinic rooms in Spring Hill, Brisbane.

If you are unable to make it to our Brisbane clinic rooms, please give us a call as we run regular Q Fever vaccine clinics at various locations right around Australia.

Call us now to book and appointment to determine if you need the Q Fever vaccine.

Individuals with increased risk of Q Fever who would benefit from the Q Fever vaccine if not already immune include:

  • Individuals in high risk occupations (see list below)
  • Family members of those in high-risk occupations (from contaminated clothes, boots or equipment)
  • People living on or near a high-risk industry (e.g. neighbouring livestock farms, stockyards housing cattle/sheep/goats, meatworks, land being fertilised with untreated animal manure)
  • Visitors to at-risk environments (e.g. farms, abattoirs, animal saleyards and agricultural shows)
  • Horticulturists or gardeners in environments where dust, potentially contaminated by animal urine, faeces or birth products, is aerosolised (e.g. lawn mowing).

Individuals in high risk occupations include:

  • Abattoir workers and contract workers in cattle, sheep dairy and goat abattoirs
  • Tanning and hide workers
  • Shearers and wool sorters
  • Stockyard workers
  • Livestock transporters
  • Commercial dairies
  • Agricultural college staff and students
  • Wildlife and zoo workers exposed to high risk animals
  • Veterinarians, veterinary nurses and students
  • Professional dog and cat breeders
  • Laboratory personnel handling veterinary products or working with the organism
  • People whose work involves regular mowing in areas frequented by livestock or wild animals (e.g. council employees, golf course workers or staff of mowing businesses in regional and
    rural areas).
  • Others exposed to cattle, camels, sheep, goats and kangaroos or their products

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